Creativity with art and words!

Jennie Miller used to work with us here at Heritage Hall but has since moved on when her career took her somewhere else, Her heart stayed with the elders here. She showed this by organizing a fundraiser to buy books for the elders here. She delivered the boxes of books yesterday so they would be able to have them before Valentines Day. There are Animal word search books and magic painting books where the paint is already on the pages all you need is water.

Spring is coming whether the Groundhog believes it or not!

The residents here at Heritage Hall are getting ready for Spring. We know it will happen eventually and we are planning on being ready when it does. We have done our reading consulting the Farmers Almanac. The same as farmers and gardeners have been counting on since 1792. We are planting an indoor mobile greenhouse. Then we will transplant to our raised beds outside when weather permits.

We Are Hiring RNs & LPNs!

Signature HealthCARE at Heritage Hall is now offering a $7,500 sign on bonus for full time RNs and a $5,000 sign on bonus for full time LPNs! Restrictions apply. Limited time only.

Interested? Apply today at or call/text Sarah at (502) 631-2273.

CEMP Board Meeting

On July 26th at 1:00PM a CEMP Meeting will be taking place in the conference room at Signature HealthCARE of Heritage Hall. There will be a board member opportunity. If interested, please contact Lauren Sword-Huynh at (502) 839-7246 or e-mail

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